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Each evening came, the sea gently once whispered the words 'I love you' to my earsevery time the sky ... sky of love listening to the sea, the sky did not answer anything,just shy embarrassment, his face ruddy. One day, came the clouds ...
Immediately see the beauty of the sky, the cloud fell in love at first sight to the sky. Of course the sky just love the sea, each day just to see the sea only. Cover with grief, but not in despair, finding ways and finally his head. Cover to develop himself as much as possible and go through the middle of the ocean and the sky, blocking the view of the heavens and the sea on one another.
Sea angry because I can not see the sky, so the working drive ocean wavemenggganggu cloud his view. But, of course, to no avail. Then came the wind ever since the relationship of sea and sky. Wind felt need to help them remove disturbingcloud.
With the hard and strong gust, the wind blew the clouds. Cover broken into many parts, so can no longer see the sky clearly, can no longer express the feelings of the sky. Because of his love was tormented with a sense of the piling high against the sky, clouds cry sad ...

Have you ever felt,
That you love someone, even if you knew he was petted,
And even though you know your love might not replies,
But .... You still love.
Have you ever felt,
That you are willing to do anything for someone you love,
Even though you know he never bothered or he cares and understands ... ... ..
But he still went.
Have you ever felt
Great love, a smile sometimes hurt, crying, happy times, sad times together,
Laugh sometimes separated ... ... ....
I ... ..
I smiled even though I hurt because I'm sure God did not make it for me.
I cry sometimes because I fear happiness happy love will vanish just like that.
I cried with him sometimes because I fear I will lose them one day ... and ....
I also laughed when parted with it because once again I must have love, and God would have provided another love for me.
I can still love him, even though he can not I raged in my arms, because it is love in the soul and not in body.

I'm really longing for yourself. I need you back to me. so I can stand to live. the end, I love you till heaven 

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