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comes from the heart, just for you my lovely babyy

love, we want to be with forever promise.
please do not treacherous love that we have built for 1 year 3 months 1 week 3 days.I have here to continue to love you, with you forever.I love you too good at love. I may still not perfect for you but know that I have tried to be perfect for you.I hurt, I hurt, I cried, because you treat women more than my shift. I do not think this happens to me. I've done everything to this relationship. I survived because I love you.you upset me, abusing me, humiliated me, I did not even reply to what you did. you want to know the reason? because I love you. what I lack and what they rest? you know that I've hurt enough? I am still here to serve all the hassles you and you do not need to search them. I need you in my life. since you are in your sixth form has changed. you are not my man I know on the 29th march 2010. you really changed.love, I still love you the same as before. say you are right people do wrong and they should be given a second chance. I gave you a chance because I know I already have for you frustrated, hurt, and I also know that I never lose your faith in me.but that does not mean that I do not love you. please turn into the man I know on the 29th march 2010, you do not remember that fateful date? the date i agree to join you. date we promise to be faithful to our promises. I love you as before. you know that I never treat another man more than you. I just need you in my life I do not need another man. you are my strength, you are my life. in the heart of this area there is only one you,only you Syukri hassan. I really hurt when I found out all this. I appeal to you, come back to me love. I never talk to you, whatever you do I will not reply to your actions. you want to know the reason? because I love you. I just love you baby. enough, remove the cloudy-clear to take. I would still accept you no matter what happens. even though you are cheating with me whatsoever, I still own your heart. you king of my heart. I am willing to do anything as long as our relations go back as before. I love you love happy. I want you to know that I was born just to tell you that I love you my sincere hearts. will never exist again another man in my heart as well as you. forget them and Schlumberger with me because surely you will only be happy with me . but not with them. you know them back in time you'd like to form 6. you chat with all the women in your friendlist. you treat them more than me. but I still choose to stay with you.is still not enough to prove that I indeed love you? please, forget them and Schlumberger back to me. we return the beautiful moments like before. We love it warm again. I am not afraid to break but I do not want to break with you. I would rather die than I had lost you. God only knows how much it hurt my heart when I know all this. I do pray istikharah and the results still favor from you. I appeal to you please do that again, this thing because I will be more hurt than before.

you'd like us to start all from scratch, you'd like us to reset to use the law back our love. I agree! you want to know why? because I love you with all my heart. love, thank you for still making me from them. I want you to know that I'm jealous when you treat them. If I know that you still call them I will be more hurt than before. I want us like first. I want you back my love and attention on my back. we forget what has happened and we started a new life without them. we start everything from scratch. love, this time I do not treacherous, Do not waste me, I appreciate help as I admire you, do not lie I again. and just as importantly, we return true to our promises. I love you baby. I loveyou not because of looks, not because of the property, not because of the position,but I love you because of faith, because you also love me as I love you baby.

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